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And I was captain on that deck of shadows... at the helm, I too a shadow resisting impermanence,

asking: is all or any of it real or am I writing myself into another mystery?  

(from "The Hands of Blue Time United" in Phoenix Fire)

Phoenix Fire: Poems

Poems about love, transcendence, wonder, rage, and the courage to accept breaking down no matter how painful. Sometimes we just need to let everything burn: pretenses, fears, old beliefs, past selves, and embrace the test by fire, in order to rise and fly again in a boundless sky. 

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Life in Opera

Step behind opera's glamor with this candid look at life in the lyric universe: reflections, and encounters with great stars and personalities that shape the opera world of today. "Indispensable for students of singing and opera lovers alike, and enlightening for those who may not know much about opera."  (Ramón Vargas)  

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Molière's The School For Wives

"In translating Molière's 5-act comedy, Maria-Cristina Necula fulfills her mission: to be as faithful to the original as possible, while transferring that fidelity to a contemporary context. Maintaining the original's 12-syllable Alexandrine verse and rhyming couplets... she brings this translation into the English language of today." (Philippa Wehle)  

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The Bliss Delusion Tango

"... vibrant and rich with a divine and delicious tension between classical form and contemporary feeling. This poet, influenced by both European and American culture, reveals to us terrible loss, wondrous discovery, love, disillusionment, faith, cynicism, heavenly joy, and hellish despair..." (Yeshe Gyamtso) 

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Europe à la carte (translator/contributor)

From Ban Ki-moon to Daniel Barenboim... almost 70 great decision-makers, role-players and innovators of the whole world share visions of “their Europe”.  A surprising mosaic, enhanced by previously unpublished and unusual maps whose pertinent features illuminate today's realities; maps that often have more to say than long analyses. 

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Shadows and Miracles

"... an arpeggio of hidden harmonies vibrating at the finest touch... full of the agony of illusion, which the poet considers at times beneficial - a surrogate for happiness - and in other instances, a treacherous guide which leads to self-deception... Necula's poems are after all about the paradox of love in all its lure and mysterious grace."  (Sever Voinescu) 

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A journey of the heart through my often-performed favorite classical pieces and songs of love. Accompanied by pianist David Maiullo. 


study you

An inspiring collaboration with songwriter Lisa Fitzgerald on her soulful ballads. Study a stranger's lyric revelations and we might discover unheard resonances in ourselves. 


Rhymes of Entanglement

It's all about the lyrics, no more, no less. Voice and music follow colors and intentions of words. Entanglement of heart and mind, bliss and delusion abound. Listen/download

One Millennium

Before Sunrise

What are we but an infinitesimal grain of infinite desires, I ask in my first venture as a lyricist and songwriter. Listen/download 

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The Secret of Rose Petals

Rose petal jam... The pink, shimmery, quivering, transparent, silky substance in my teaspoon, dotted with translucent fragments of veined veils, the petals themselves... A taste,…

Poem: "The Hands of Blue Time United"

The hands of blue time united into the mast of a sailboat. And I was captain on that deck of shadows, at the helm, I too a shadow resisting impermanence, asking: is all or any of…

The Memory of Touch

As I scour social media these days, I come across various reactions to our global crisis. A hilarious video of a flight attendant “working from home.” Another video of poker…

Ari Aster, "Midsommar," the Upside-Down Clue, and the Hanged Man

Staying home more than ever these days, I am watching a variety of videos: from opera to horror films. By chance, I came across Midsommar (2019), the second feature-film from…

Deep Diving into Mascagni's "Intermezzo"

I must have heard the Intermezzo from Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana hundreds of times and I can never get enough of it. It is one of those pieces that sweep you away and awaken…

To self-published authors and independent artists

"Although your approach is very interesting, I noticed the length of the work. We usually publish volumes of at least 180-200 printed pages. According to my calculations, your…


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