October 26, 2020

because it is the land of determined steps and motions all dripping with flamenco passion and loud, raw-voiced melisma blossoms of Arab singing


because under that sun and inside jasmine nights, the murmur of the fountain  is no more than a whisper and the mind hears everything it has not heard before, that suave beckoning so often drowned by the roar of subways and notification sounds


because tea is a liquid mosaic that rearranges its own pieces, petals of Damascus rose and shredded mint and almond slivers to meet your lips at every sip with a different kiss


because the streets of the Albayzín give you Istanbul’s Bazaar in slices


because the color dances of Moroccan skirts and harem pants ravish you more than the myrrh and orange blossom scents drifting through narrow alleys


because in the Alhambra the filigree of walls and the lace of arches beguile your eyes and your forbidden touch


because the Giralda’s bells spin in circles and look like they are throwing themselves out of their tower in abandon


because the Alcázar Garden in Córdoba is crushed in sunshine and solitude and simmering fragrance of bitter oranges at 3:00 pm, and you can have it all to yourself, if you dare


because the Mezquita grips your heart and makes it trace the curves of its infinite arches forever


because there is such a place as a perfume museum and the perfumes invite you to tea


because in Granada at the San Nicolás overview you arrive at an intersection of longing for things you didn’t know you were longing for


because in Sevilla, summer heat, Guadalquivir breezes, and manzanilla have signed a pact to make the traveler linger


because time spends time pampering itself and you, if you let it


because there is someone else inside you who emerges to walk the soil of Andalucía, and you know that he or she has always been a part of you

because you fall in love with the land and with its version of you and with the very love you carry in your heart


because your senses are courted and your daring loved